Portrait of Michael Otto in Midtown, Manhattan, New York City. Photo by Nadja Allemann

Behind the lens

Less than a photographer, I consider myself primarily a storyteller. I strive to create a realistic and possibly real image of our society and our current events in my work. I try to document what I see. Every time I press the shutter on my camera, I have a certain feeling and my goal is to convey this to the viewer in the most possible unadorned way. For this reason, my pictures have to be created as candid as possible. This is the only way to ensure that the photographs work without any further explanation.

Why I mainly choose color for my photographs

If my mission is to capture reality, I see no reason to let the colors out of the game. In my opinion, if you choose to leave out colors in photography, the reality will always be further away than with them included. That's the reason why I try to leave my pictures as unprocessed as possible in order to make them as comprehensible as possible for the viewer. Perhaps a single picture in black and white would look better as it does in color, but the moment as such would simply feel incomplete. This does not mean that you won't find any black and white photography in my portfolio. Depending on the project, I also like to choose black and white for my photographs. I'm also not afraid to let you choose between color and black and white on selected prints before ordering. This handling allows me to ensure that you are able to enjoy your desired product in the best possible way for your own purposes. For my work it's just important to make clear to myself if a project will be released in color or in black and white before starting it so that I can take this into account while composing the picture - because it definitely matters!