Seeing Brooklyn: One day at the beach

2022 - a photo journal

Brooklyn in the post-pandemic summer. Many New Yorkers still spend their holidays in familiar surroundings at their home in Big Apple. One of the places where you can find locals spending their free time lies in the far south of Brooklyn: Coney Island. The place, which primarily became known under the name "Little Odessa" because of the neighboring Russian resettlement, is now a popular meeting place for many Americans during summer. By the Second World War, the largest contiguous amusement park in the world was built on this island. The over a hundred years old "Wonder Wheel" is still in operation today and marks one of the highlights on Coney Island. So does "Nathan's Famous". The fast-food chain now operates multiple diners across New York State, but Coney Island is home to the original which Nathan Handwerker founded in 1916. So it's not surprising that over a hundred years later multiple cultures still visit the area around Brighton Beach to take a break from the break.

Woman in micky mouse t-shirt and sunglasses strolling around the beach promenade of coney island on a warm summer day.
Man with black voodoo tanktop carries around a hot dog of nathan's famous
Bench in front of the beach with woman laying on it and listening to music while her drink is placed in the shadow
Older man passing in front oft he camera. A lifeguard sitting in front of the panorama of skyscraper of the russian resettlem
Couple holding hands while sunbathing
Man smoking while sitting on a freezer while his beer is placed in front of it
Group of three girls eating popcorn and having fun
Seller of cotton candy walking while banner is waving in the wind behind him.
Father watching his daughter having fun at the beach.
Group of kids playing in the water of the sea while a ship appears on the horizon.
Young man scratching his eye while a lot of beachgoers staying behind him.
Kid gets stroked by his mother while she's holding a hat, a facemask and a bottle of a drink in her hands.
Man sunbathing. His shoes are placed in the corners of his towel to fix it to the ground.
Woman dressed in green sunbathing. Her orange bag serves as a pillow.
Young man in white tanktop eating a churro on Brighton Beach.
Boy in red drinking water while a group of teenagers stay behind him and laugh.
Family in colorful setup sitting close to eachother eating churros.
Big teenagers back encased by pink and blue beach towel.
Group of girls in colorful bikinis eating burgers in the sand.
Boy playing baseball in the sun in front of Luna Park / Dreamland on Coney Island.
Man with moustache standing in the sun next to his girlfriend and colorful parasol.
Belly of a man listening to music on his smartphone while walking on the sand of the beach.
Young family interacting with eachother. Man counting money in front of his child in the stroller.
Older man with hairy back watching to the ferris wheel / wonder wheel of coney island.