Seeing Faces: Some street portraits

2017 - a photo journal

Have you ever thought about how many other lives are telling a story beside yours? Sometimes its possible to read in stranger faces what they're thinking about at this particular moment when they show emotions. They might be happy when they're laughing, they might be sad when they cry. But can faces also telling the whole story of their life? Maybe it's just my imagination but I think sometimes I'm capable to read them. What about you?

Girl travelling in tram in Zurich while shadow masks a part of her face.
Old woman with headscarf visiting a flea market in Zurich, Switzerland.
Jewish family walking at Kalkbreite, Zürich after finishing sabbat praying in synagogue.
Old woman travelling in a tram in Zurich city while holding a yellow bar in her hands.
Old man visiting the Corpus Christi celebration in Appenzell and standing next to a container.
Woman in Lisbon, Portugal calling someone with her white cell phone.
Man in metro starring at me while heavy rush hour traffic.