Seeing Seoul: Through Glass

2018 - a documentary

During my stay in Korea, especially in it's capital city Seoul, I noticed that the country in east asia without doubt is the land of the future. Minimalist living in traditional houses is an almost bygone era. By now technology is living hand in hand with the human being and accompanies the daily life of the korean population around the clock. If you’re attentive you will notice the existence of at least one sort of panel in every single picture. It seems that seeing Seoul nowadays needs to happen through a transparent barrier to discover it's true soul of the present age.

Young wman in Seoul, Korea sitting in metro watching videos on mobile phone.
Man in South Korea filming with a camcorder outside of a bus.
Guests of a traditional restaurant in Seoul Korea eating dinner and watching to me through window.
Woman in cable car taking selfies of herself while beeing transported to Namsan.
Group of journalists interviewing person in underground railroad station in Seoul, South Korea.
Group of travellers in Seoul, South Korea reading and sleeping while soldier is listening to music next to them.
Watchmaker working while lampshade seems to represent a hat.
Travellers of light rail travelling at home after work. Woman carrying transparent umbrella with her.
Group of people travelling in subway. Woman making up while others are sleeping or at their mobile phones.
Chic dressed girls planning a photoshoot in front of artsy colorful balloons in Seoul, South Korea.
Passengers listening to music and having small talk in subway.
Friends walking on the streets of Busan while making a phone call simultaneously.